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I thought I would start a new series, called ‘Weekend Wonders’. Or maybe the ‘Fat Friday’ series. Still undecided. But here I’ll put up a list of links which I found throughout the week which could bear to be shared.

  • A pretty cool poster from A Song of Ice and Fire. Limited release, unfortunately, and sold-out before I even found the site. But still pretty. And cool.
  • I have a thing for recipes involving slow-cooked meat.
  • A look at the design process  the guys at Johnny Walker, one of my favourite webcomics, went through to design a t-shirt.
  •  Maybe this has been around for a while, but I just found it today. Design your own temporary tattoos!
  • Pretty cool! A calendar of interest for food bloggers – ideas for inspiration, international days of [insert food], birthdays of figures of pop culture. Reasons to celebrate every day for every one, really. 
  • I was working in Palliative Care today, and maybe that’s put me into a little bit of an odd mental space, but I found this letter particularly interesting. Maybe it’s morbid, but I think it’s poetry.
  • I’ll repeat; ‘Maybe it’s morbid, but I think it’s poetry.’ The anatomy of a barbie doll.
  • Some crochet-blanket inspiration.
  • I remember making these bracelets when I was in Malaysia and India, and I’d give them to my cousins and my housemates. Nostalgic!
  • I like this. I especially like the face he pulls after he high-fives her.

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