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Let’s talk about my seedlings. Well, maybe they’re still seeds at the moment. Who knows.

I’ve always wanted to garden, and I figured I would have enough time this Summer to try a container garden on my balcony. It’s been quite successful before!

I always like to start with seeds; they’re cheaper, make cooler presents, and I like to think they’re a bit more rewarding.

So I went with the Jiffy products by Mr Fothergill. The 12 pellet tray. They come as these little, dried out pellets, which you re-hydrate with warm water, and then plant your seeds in. I went with them because you can plant the pellets straight into the chosen container, when it’s the right time.

I planted these around 7 days ago, and it takes 10 days to germinate. So I’m pretty pleased at the moment, although we’ll re-assess this feeling when I go back home for the weekend.

From closest to further, I believe I planted: strawberry, chill, sweet corn, snapdragons, a mysterious packet which said “paprika”, and basil. I’m going off my memory, as I wrote down what I planted, but then I left that list at my apartment, unfortunately.

Whichever pellets’ seeds haven’t sprouted by the time I get back on the weekend, I’ll probably plant some new seeds from a new packet from; apart from the chill, strawberries, and snapdragons, these seeds are three years old.

And look, it’s my cat come to see what I’m doing.

If anyone has any tips or advice, please comment! I am definitely not an expert at container gardening, I just think it’s good to watch things grow. I’m particularly interested in home-made liquid feeds and pesticides I can use when these guys get big enough!

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