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let’s talk about crocheted granny squares, part 1.

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I figured out how to crochet granny squares! Phew, right? It was getting a bit embarrassing. It turned out I’d had some deficit in my learning where I thought that single crochets were double crochets, and slip stiches were single crochets… I have no excuse.

I thought I’d just go through a tutorial on how to crochet a simple granny square. The simplest.

So we start with a crochet hook and a bit of yarn, like normal. I’ve got some scrap merino and a 5.00 mm crochet hook here.

Start off with a slip knot. It’s the same knot that you start off with, if you knit or crochet, or finger knit.

Draw the yarn through the loop to create a chain stitch.

Chain four. You can count how many you’ve done.

Now, you put the end of the crochet hook into where I’ve marked in the photo above.

Like so.

Loop the yarn around the hook, and pull it through. This is a slip stitch (I think). This closes the four chain-stitch loop, and if you pull it apart a little, you can see a little hole. That’s the centre of your square.

Now, you loop the yarn around the hook, and stick the end of the hook through the hole in the four chain stitch loop. This photo doesn’t really illustrate well what’s going on…

This is what it should look like: from the right to left, you can see the slip stitch from closing the loop, the bit of yarn looped around, then you can see the four chain-stitch loop which I’ve stuck the needle through, and then you have the end of the yarn which I’ve made another loop through. Yes? You pull the last loop, made from the end of the yarn, through the four chain-stitch loop.

And then you get something like this. Iskipped a bit, between this photo the the previous one. This is actually the second stitch I’m putting through the loop. I skipped the first stitch because it was just too messy to take a photo of. But, we’re picking up from the same place. So, from right to left, it’s the closing slip-stitch of the chain-stitch loop, the bit of yarn I looped around the hook, and the loop which I pulled through the centre of the square.

Pull the loop furthest to the left through the next loop.

Make another loop on the crochet hook with the end of the yarn, and pull it through the two remaining loops which were on the hook, from the previous photo. Then you get this! Just one loop. You just finished a double stitch!

Do it again, another 11 times. You want to have 12 stitches going through the loop. If you count this circle, you’ll see I did 13 because I’m a moron. Don’t do that.

Why 12 stiches? Well, in a normal granny square, you stitch in threes. If we’re making a square, then 12 divided by 3 is 4, giving you 4 corners. Confusing? Yes. It’ll become clearer, possibly. Just keep reading.

We had our cool looking 12 stiches going through the centre of the four chain-stitch loop. Now it’s time to finish this second row of stitches and close the circle. How? You can see that stiches form a “V”; put the crochet hook through a ‘V’. I just did one loop in the ‘V’, furthest away from me, but I know that people put the crochet hook through all of the ‘V’. It doesn’t really matter too much, from what I can tell. But I may be wrong.

Pull a slip stitch through the two loops on your hook.

And then you get this. That’s your first row done!

Gee I’m tired. I think that’s all from me for this post. Stay tuned for part 2!

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  1. I’d love to know the secret to getting the tension right! Do you have any tips?

    • It really depends on what yarn I’m using! Generally, I twist the yarn around my pinkie and fourth finger, although for lighter yarns sometimes this is a bit much and feels like it’s cutting off my circulation. Then I move it up to my fourth and middle fingers because I feel like that gives me a bit more control :). For heavier things, like when I’m crocheting using strips of linen, I don’t bother worrying about tension at all; the weight of the yarn does it for me.

      I hope that helps! You just gotta go with it…!


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