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final thoughts: The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

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I’ve been busy, lately, and I haven’t updated in a long time. I’m going to acknowledge this and apologise. And now let’s move on.

So I read The Fault in Our Stars. (side note: I’m having trouble deciding which words are meant to start with a capital and which aren’t; is it ‘the Fault in our Stars’, ‘The Fault in our Stars’, or ‘The Fault in Our Stars’?) It’s pretty good. I normally don’t really read books which are easy to read, so this was different. Normally I kind of suck it up, saying ‘it’ll get better, it’ll get better’ until the 99th page where I’ll decide whether or not to keep reading. This was different. This was like, 15 pages in, and then there were kids living with cancer and support groups and cutesy teen-romance things going on. Also, it’s kind of funny to imagine John Green’s voice in my head sighing over a 17 year old guy with dreamy muscles or whatever.

In summary, this book was so easy to read it made me feel bad for reading it. But, you know, in the end this book is about dying and the things people leave behind and that’s the kind of stuff that people start to think about whenever they start feeling small.

(also, another side note: what is a g-tube? how is Augustus getting his meds through it? is he getting chemo through a g-tube? how is that possible? i didn’t think chemo drugs could be crushed!)

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