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What have I done?

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oh god what have I done? why are its legs different lengths? why is its face just so oddly asymmetrical?

what have I done?

so, I made crocheted a tiny teddy bear. it’s really ugly, but it’s also reached that point of ugly where it’s cute. is this a good thing? I can’t even tell.

let’s talk about crocheted granny squares, part 1.

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I figured out how to crochet granny squares! Phew, right? It was getting a bit embarrassing. It turned out I’d had some deficit in my learning where I thought that single crochets were double crochets, and slip stiches were single crochets… I have no excuse.

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friday links (week two)

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So the past week has been an interesting one; my housemate got a bad case of food poisoning, which involved a stay in hospital and a few days off solid food. Hence, the glass above where I decided to try some hydrolyte (I was feeling tired. It seemed like a solution).

But anyways, here we go with this week’s round-up:

  • kitchen planter box for some herbs. Now to convince someone to make it for me…
  • Art! The things you can do with a camera that has a fast shutted speed!
  • Lovely. Birds in flight. There’s something beautiful and suggestive about paintings of flocks of birds.
  • Tips for bloggers! I’m linking to the final post, and if you scroll down, you can back-track to the beginning of the series of posts. A lot of good advice, and a lot of insight into how SERIOUS blogging can be. It’s a little bit scary.
  • Apart from some questions about the nutritional value of these, this post on homemade cat treats is just so sweet.
  • I’m putting these on my to-do list. I need to figure out how to read knitting patterns, and these bracelets seem like just the thing.
  • I’m thinking of having a (late) birthday party later this year/early next year. I think this would be good as a simple, cheap, way to put a bit of colour in.
  • Yum. I live in Australia, and a lot of the Halloween/Autumn-mania going on in content I see from the US hasn’t got much meaning to me. But I can understand apples, and I can definitely understand apple martinis.
  • Yay! Yarn bombing!
  • Considering how much packing I’ve had to do lately, I thought this post on packing tips was a good read.

what I know of crochet…

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I thought I’d go through my learning curve with how to crochet, particularly amigurumi, which is a Japanese craft of making small stuffed toys. I’m mostly self-taught; a friend taught me how to finger knit when I was 10 and some picture-tutorials did the rest when I was 17. I’d made double-crochet squares, but nothing really anymore complex than that. And I also don’t know ANY of the correct names for things, and I don’t proclaim to be any good at it! I just think it’s quite cute, and something to keep my fingers busy on a quiet day.

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