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Let’s talk about my seedlings. Well, maybe they’re still seeds at the moment. Who knows.

I’ve always wanted to garden, and I figured I would have enough time this Summer to try a container garden on my balcony. It’s been quite successful before!

I always like to start with seeds; they’re cheaper, make cooler presents, and I like to think they’re a bit more rewarding.

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final thoughts: game of thrones

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So I finished reading what’s been published of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, and I’m really impressed. The fantasy genre is really challenging, in my opinion, for authors, because it’s so hard to separate what is, effectively, imagination from the person who is imagining. I read a lot, and widely, but I’m always looking for a good fantasy story. What stops most fantasy I read from being good is the fact that, eventually, the presence of the author becomes so overt that it distracts me. I feel manipulated, and I feel that, in fact, the author has no control over the story. Which is not to say that this is always bad; many novels and authors I admire do this intentionally. The line between the author, the narrator, and the protagonist has always been blurred from the first fictions.

(Image via Bantam Books)

I feel that George R. R. Martin is a really effective writer in that he doesn’t ever break the fourth wall. There is no anachronism. His cover had me entirely convinced. I don’t know who the protagonist is, the narrator changes each chapter, and I never notice the presence of the author. It’s pretty great. I get sucked in. I really like these books, and I would buy them in paperback, just so I could hug them instead of my eReader (which I hug anyways).

what I know of crochet…

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I thought I’d go through my learning curve with how to crochet, particularly amigurumi, which is a Japanese craft of making small stuffed toys. I’m mostly self-taught; a friend taught me how to finger knit when I was 10 and some picture-tutorials did the rest when I was 17. I’d made double-crochet squares, but nothing really anymore complex than that. And I also don’t know ANY of the correct names for things, and I don’t proclaim to be any good at it! I just think it’s quite cute, and something to keep my fingers busy on a quiet day.

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